Кашлинская: до самого конца болела за Гельфанда (Чемпионат.com, <nobr>01.06.2012</nobr>)

WGM Alina Kashlinskaya's personal site (http://chessproblem.my-free-games.com, 21.06.2012)

Alina A. Kashlinskaya pict

Alina A. Kashlinskaya

Dear readers! Let us to introduce the popular and excellent chess site, our new site-friend, situated in Moscow. It's WGM Alina A. Kashlinskaya's personal site in Russian!

First of all, we should look at Ms.Kashlinskaya's biographical data, some personal data, main chess and other successes (section "Biography"). Thus, about her main chess successes in this section:

We can see Ms.Kashlinskaya's introduction with a greeting near her photo on the main page and the large section "News" under it. This section News contains a list of latest events concerned with her chess activity: her player's successes, interviews, other publications in press about her person and activity, her own publications, increase of her fame as a chess poet and other important events. Other main sections of Ms.Kashlinskaya's site are listed as links at the left (under top link "Biography"): "My coaches", "My photos", "My chess games", "My articles", "My poems and songs", "My civic position", "Encyclopedias and reference sources about me", "News sources about me", "Publications about me", "Video materials about me", "Forums about me", "Collaboration". Of course, WGM A. Kashlinskaya's site (the chess star's site) may be very attractive and very interesting for different kinds of visitors!

We hope, this our article can help you to explore WGM A. Kashlinskaya's site, even if you don't know Russian.

Author: Bruno Berenguer