Садвакасова Динара — Кашлинская Алина

Садвакасова Динара — Кашлинская Алина

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Ba4 Nf6 5.0–0 Be7 6.d3 b5 7.Bb3 d6 8.a4 b4 9.a5 0–0 10.Nbd2 Be6 11.Nc4 Rb8 12.c3


12...Qc8!? An interesting idea of queen's transfer to b7 in order to force White to release the tension on the queenside. [World's highest rated player chose a bit different way with Black - 12...bxc3 13.bxc3 h6 14.Re1 Qc8 15.Bc2 Rd8 16.Qe2 Bf8 17.Ne3 d5 18.exd5 Nxd5 19.Nxd5 Rxd5 20.h3 Bf5 21.Rd1 Qe6 22.Bb1 Qd7 23.Be3 e4 24.Nd4 Nxd4 25.Bxd4 exd3 26.Bxd3 Bxd3 27.Rxd3 c5 28.Be5 Rxd3 29.Bxb8 c4 30.Be5 Bc5 31.Rb1 Qd5 32.Rb8+ Kh7 33.Qh5 Qe4 34.Rb2 Rd5 35.Re2 Qb1+ 36.Kh2 f6 0–1 Svidler,P (2747)-Carlsen,M (2872)/London ENG 2013/The Week in Chess 959] 13.Be3?! [The most critical would've been 13.d4 bxc3 (13...exd4 14.cxd4 d5 15.exd5 Bxd5 16.Nce5 could be a bit more pleasant for White.)14.d5


14...Bh3!! 15.gxh3 (15.dxc6? Bxg2 16.Kxg2 Qg4+ 17.Kh1 Rxb3 18.bxc3 (18.Qxb3? Qxf3+ 19.Kg1


19...cxb2!! 20.Qxb2 Qg4+ 21.Kh1 Qxe4+ 22.f3 Qxc4

16.Bc2 (16.Ra3? Nd4 17.Nxd4 Ng4 18.Bf4 (18.Nf3 f5–+) 18...exf4 19.Nf3 cxb2µ) 16...cxb2 17.Bxb2 Nb4 18.Bb1 Nfxd5! with very sharp unbalanced play, where both sides would have their trumps.; Black doesn't have to worry much about 13.Ng5 Bg4 14.f3 Bd7 15.f4 exf4 16.Bxf4 Qb7 and Black has even chances to say the least.] 13...Qb7! 14.Bc2?! [Perhaps 14.Rc1 would've been the least of evils, as after 14...bxc3 15.Rxc3 d5 16.Ncxe5 Nxe5 17.Nxe5 d4 18.Bxe6 dxc3 19.Nxf7 Rxf7 20.bxc3 White's position is far from being hopeless. Curiously, now it's White who's going to have a bunch of pawns for the piece (see previous notes.)] 14...b3?! Now White is given a chance to come back in the game. [More precise way to win the pawn would've been 14...Nxe4 15.dxe4 Bxc4 16.Bd3 Bxd3 17.Qxd3 bxc3 18.bxc3 Qb5µ] 15.Bb1 Nxe4 16.dxe4 Bxc4 17.Bd3 Qb5 18.Bxc4 Qxc4 19.Qd5! Qxd5 20.exd5 Nd8


21.Nd2 Black has won a pawn but his pieces are not perfectly placed as well as b3-pawn need permanent protection, so White has definitely got some chances to escape. 21...c6?! [21...f5 22.f3 Rb5 23.c4 Rb4 24.Ra3 Nf7! followed by Rf8-b8 was perhaps Black's best option to preserve an advantage.] 22.Bb6? [After the correct 22.dxc6 Nxc6 23.Bb6 it would be hard for Black to claim an advantage as his b3 pawn would be about to fall.] 22...cxd5 23.Nxb3 Nc6 24.Rfd1


24...Nxa5!? The pawn on a5 was defended 3 times, but still not enough! 25.Nxa5? Wrong capture! [White could put much tougher resistance with 25.Bxa5 Rxb3 26.Rxd5 Rxb2 27.Bb4 with pretty high probability to arrive into 4 vs 3 rook endgame with all the chances to escape.] 25...Rxb6 26.Rxd5 Rc8 27.Ra2? Rxc3 0–1