Кашлинская Алина - Хуан Цянь (Матч сборных команд Китая и России, 2010)

Анализ окончания партии "Кашлинская Алина - Костенюк Александра" в блоге канадского гроссмейстера Кевина Спрагетта

Алина Кашлинская

17-year old Alina Kashlinskaya produced a minor sensation by defeating former world champion Alexandra Kosteniuk in her second round game.



Алина Кашлинская


A difficult position to properly evaluate, and even more difficult to play over the board!  Black's pieces give a better impression--they are centralized and harmoniously placed--but White's Bishops are dangerously poised to strike on the Kingside.  The game has many of the double-edged features of an isolated Queen pawn game.

Kosteniuk can play it safe with 28...Bb3 (trying to chase the White Rook) followed by 29...Qd6!? and perhaps 30...Qb4.  Instead, the former world champion played  very sharply:

28...Nxd4!? 29.Bf4 best move!

Алина Кашлинская

Now here Kosteniuk should play 29...Be6! leaving White with some problems to solve 30.Bxh6!? Nf5 31.Bxf5 Rxd1 32.Rxd1 Bxf5

Instead, Kosteniuk's nerves started to crack: 

Алина Кашлинская

This move was fine the move before, but here the idea does not have the same effect.  There followed

30.Rc1 Qb7 31.Bxh6 !

Алина Кашлинская

A nasty surprise for the Black player!  All of a sudden White's attack comes to life.  Worse still , after Kosteniuk's weak reply the house collapsed:

31...Rd5? 32.Bxg7 !

Алина Кашлинская

Mate threats appear! Black is dead lost. I recommend the reader to play over the whole game with the pgn-viewer below. The game went on much longer than it should have , mostly because of time trouble. White missed a mate in 3 at one point(!) but still managed to win.

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